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US 460 Magoffin County Access, Access Management/Urban Roadway Design

US 460

Magoffin County

Access Management/Urban Roadway Design

EA Partners provided urban widening design services to KYTC on a 2.6 mile section of US 460 from the end of the Mountain Parkway in Salyersville to KY 114.  This project was considered the “critical segment” in the Mountain Parkway Expansion Project that called for widening and extending the existing two-lane highway from Campton to Prestonsburg.  The existing three-lane section in Salyersville will be widened to a four-lane urban section, divided by a raised median, with a multi-use path along the corridor.  The access management plan will reduce conflict points from 95 entrances to just 6 intersections and increase mobility along the future parkway.

“EA Partners can draw upon an experienced staff of project engineers with the ability to work interchangeably on roadway tasks to advance a project.”  KYTC Project Manager

Kingdom Come State Park Entrance

Harlan County

Rural Road Design

EA Partners was selected to design a new access roadway for a scenic State Park in a very mountainous terrain.  The existing route was extremely steep and included switch back curvature, not ideal for school buses or recreational vehicles.  Coordination was a key component of this projects success.  There were several agencies involved due to the Park’s status, as well as the severely dipping rock located in the mountainous terrain. 

“The roadway blends in wonderfully with the terrain and scenery for the Park, the design of the roadway was a great fit!”  Michael Calebs, District 11 Chief District Engineer

 “The new road provides enhanced access to the park facilities.The alignment is tremendously improved over the pre-existing access road. The public seems very pleased with the work on this project.”  Robert Perkins, Section Engineer District 11

“The new access road is splendid!  It makes for a much better access for ingress and egress.”  Ron R. Vanover, director of recreational parks and historic sites for the Kentucky Department of Parks

Kingdom Come State Park Entrance

US 60 Henderson County

US 60

Henderson County

Urban Roadway Design

EA Partners provided urban widening design services to KYTC on a one mile section of US 60 from the Henderson Bypass (KY 425) to Mile Post 7.7.  US 60 is located between the Henderson Community College and a historic farm. The existing two-lane highway experienced traffic congestion and had a vertical curve with insufficient sight distance near the entrance to the college’s campus, which was causing a significant number of left-turn and rear end crashes.  A multi-use path was also developed to connect existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities, which ended at the Henderson Bypass, to the college’s campus.  This project received a 2018 ACEC-KY Engineering Excellence Honor Award.

“If there were minor issues (brought up by the contractor), the answer was usually in the plans.  EA Partners was very responsive. It was a good set of plans.”  John Rudd, KYTC District 2 project manager

 “It was easy to understand,” he says. “Easy and efficient, straightforward. The plans were easy to follow, easy to construct. Their responsiveness was timely.” Neal O’Russa, lead estimator for Hazex on the project

US 68

Bourbon/Nicholas Counties

National Recognition Award (Section 1)

EA Partners was initially selected to study the US 68 corridor between Paris and Carlisle in 1995.  Multiple options were reviewed in order to avoid or minimize impacts to significant streams, archeological sites and historic properties.  In the end, the corridor was divided into three construction sections in order to obtain project funding and construct the corridor in sequence.  Section 1 opened to traffic in November 2015 and Section 2 followed, opening to traffic in 2018. Section 3 is currently under construction. 

“The end product was a home run.  It met the purpose and need originally identified: to build a much safer roadway to accommodate traffic. It balanced the impacts of the historic properties and local community — it really struck a nice balance.”  James Ballinger, Chief District Engineer District 7 (at the time of the project.)

US 68 Bourbon/Nicholas Counties - National Recognition Award (Section 1)

I-69 Interchange

I-69 Interchange

Marshall County

Interchange Design

EA Partners served as a major partner on the design team selected for the upgrading of the I-24/Purchase Parkway interchange in order to meet the standards necessary to re-assign the Purchase Parkway as I-69.  The Project Schedule was extremely critical to the success of this project, as the design team took the project from Preliminary Design to Final Construction Plans in only 5 months.  Extremely complex maintenance of traffic plans were essential due to the terrain of the project area, including the need to allow significant time for embankment settlement during a vigorous construction schedule.  

Trunk Sanitary Sewer Utility Replacement

Fayette County

Thoroughbred Acres, Shandon Park & Winburn Neighborhoods

The project, located in northern Lexington, involved the design of three trunk sewer systems totaling approximately 12,400LF of 12”, 15”, and 24” diameter sewers including two bores under Interstate 75.  The purpose for the project was to upgrade the existing vitrified clay trunk sewers and eliminate four pump stations constructed in the 1960’s.  The portion of the sewer within the Thoroughbred Acres neighborhood was located inside the street right-of-way requiring coordination with the existing utility companies.  All potential utility conflicts were exposed by hydro excavation and all existing sanitary service connection were located by video inspection of the existing sewers.  Phase 1 of the project required the design to maintain service to the existing residences and keep the existing pump stations operational until downstream projects could be completed.  Phase 2 of the project decommissioned the four pump stations.  EA Partners, PLC conducted topographic surveys, performed preliminary and final design, prepared contract documents, negotiated easement acquisitions, provided contract administration, and as-built drawings.

Shandon Park Trunk Sewers (Phase 1 and Phase 2) — Lexington, Kentucky

Baker Court Pump Station Replacement — Lexington, Kentucky

Baker Court Pump Station Replacement

Lexington, Kentucky

The project, located within an industrial area on the west side of Lexington, involved the design of a submersible pump station to replace an existing compressed air station.  The capacity of the station was upgraded from 35 GPM to 100 GPM and the station was brought up to current Division of Water Quality standards.  EA Partners, PLC services included the performance of a topographic survey, Preliminary and Final Design, preparation of contract documents, easement acquisition, contract administration and as-built drawings.

Town Branch Trail

Mid Block Crossing—Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky

The project, located west of downtown Lexington, involved the design of a connection from the Town Branch Trail to McConnell Springs, the birth place of Lexington.  The design included a topographic survey of the Old Frankfort Corridor, a study of the existing profile, and the design of a new profile to provide adequate sight distance for the path crossing of Old Frankfort Pike.  The design shifted the alignment to avoid disturbance to an existing stone wall while minimizing impacts to existing utilities.  EA Partners, PLC participated in discussions with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet relative to a Hawk System and intersection signalization and submitted a warrant analysis per the signal.  EA Partners, PLC also prepared construction cost estimates, assisted in easement acquisition, contract administration, and attended public meetings.

Town Branch Trail—Mid Block Crossing—Lexington, Kentucky

US 68, Logan County

US 68

Logan County

Highway Safety Improvement Project
US 68 in Logan County, Kentucky is a four-lane divided highway with a speed limit of 65 mph at the location of the KY 73 intersection. This intersection had experienced higher than average crashes resulting in injuries. An innovative Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) intersection was determined to be an appropriate countermeasure. EA Partners was tasked with preparing the project for construction in four months. It was delivered ahead of schedule in three months and the winning construction bid came in $250,000 under budget. This project was then opened to traffic in the same calendar year providing the traveling public with a safer intersection.

I-64/KY 627

Clark County,

Interstate Widening & Pavement Rehabilitation
As a part of the contract to widen I-64 from four to six lanes between mile points 95 and 98, EA Partners was also tasked with reconstructing the interchange with I-64 and KY 627 in Winchester, Kentucky. This interchange serviced 16,000 vehicles daily. This interchange also coupled with a partial interchange at the Mountain Parkway one half mile to the east to provide turnaround movements for Parkway traffic travelling east on I-64 and westbound Interstate traffic desiring to enter the Parkway. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet asked EA Partners to study and design an interchange that would safely and efficiently serve both of these needs.

I-64/KY 627, Clark County

Racetrack Hollow, Letcher County

Racetrack Hollow

Letcher County

Bridge Replacement
EA Partners was selected to replace the bridge over Rockhouse Creek and its roadway approaches. The Racetrack Hollow Bridge was one lane with a sufficiency rating of 5. The bridge and roadway served as the only means of ingress and egress for more than 50 homes in the area. It was determined during project development that the intersection of Racetrack Hollow Road and KY 7 was severely inadequate due to the skewed approach angle and grade of the roadway as it departed KY 7. EA Partners was asked to develop an alternate that could correct this deficiency to improve the roadway along with replacing the bridge. Ultimately, an alternate was selected that both replaced the bridge and improved the intersection of Racetrack Hollow Road and KY 7 that fit within the project budget.

US 25

Scott County

Rural Roadway Design (EA/Fonsi)
This project involved the widening and reconstruction of US 25 from a 2-lane to a multi-lane section for six miles between Lexington and Georgetown. During development of this project EA Partners was asked to perform an Access Management Study on multiple alternates along the corridor. This study led to a preferred alternate that included a 4-lane, depressed median section with restricted median openings. Due to the extensive impacts on this project it ultimately required the preparation of an EA/FONSI environmental document. EA Partners assisted throughout the public involvement process including development of a 12-minute video that was used at the Public Meeting. The public meeting resulted in a very favorable response by a majority of the stakeholders on the project.

US 25, Scott County

KY 298, Daviess County

KY 298

Daviess County

Roundabout Intersection Urban Roadway Design
EA Partners provided urban intersection design services for KYTC for the reconstruction of the Old Hartford Road (KY 298) and Fairview Drive (KY 3143) intersection in Owensboro. The existing signalized intersection was operating at an insufficient level of service, which was causing significant traffic congestion and frequent crashes. As a result of the alternatives presented by EA Partners and support by the public for this option, the Cabinet decided to advance a roundabout as the preferred alternate.

Fayette County

Beaumont Community (750 Acres)

Land Planning, Civil Design, Construction Management, Zoning & Regulatory Administration
The Community of Beaumont is a 750 acre mixed use development located between Man O’ War Boulevard and Harrodsburg Road, near Keeneland and Bluegrass Field, in western Lexington, Kentucky.  It is comprised of eight Neighborhoods, a Professional Office Park, an Elementary School, a full-service YMCA, a 35 acre Community Shopping Center and a Town Center with over thirty businesses, including restaurants, shops, salons and professional services.  Additionally, public greenways, open spaces, over three miles of multi-use paths and a Public Amphitheater were constructed by the developers as civic amenities.  E A Partners, representing the Owners and Developers, provided Land Use, Zoning and Administrative Planning, Engineering Planning, Regulatory Compliance, Construction Design, Construction Management and Consultation from project inception through build out.  The Community which was originally zoned in 1990 was completed early in 2019 and exists as an excellent example of a Master Planned ‘Small City’ that provides a multitude of living opportunities in a safe and comfortable suburban environment.   

Beaumont Community (750 Acres) , Fayette County

Blackford/Gleneagles/Newmarket Communities (1,050 Acres)

Blackford/Gleneagles/Newmarket Communities (1,050 Acres)

Fayette County

Land Planning, Civil Design, Construction Management, Zoning & Regulatory Administration

Three mixed residential communities, totaling more than 1,050 acres, that were located at the eastern edge of Lexington’s Urban Growth Boundary.  E A Partners were hired by a consortium of Land Owners and Developers in early 1994 to plan a new suburban expansion east of Interstate 75.  E A Partners provided innovative Land Use Planning Services that encouraged development which was sensitive to the topographic features and unique rural character of the Bluegrass.  The political hurdles that had to be cleared included numerous Zoning and Regulatory challenges and the design and management of Utility Service Extensions into areas that had not been previously programed for expansion.  The build out is ongoing, but has for the most part been completed creating over 4,000 units comprised of apartments, singles family homes, townhomes, and garden homes.  The Communities and Neighborhoods also contain public greenways, amenity lakes and water courses, open spaces, trails, a Community Center and an Elementary School.  E A Partners was involved from start to finish and helped the Developers and Land Owners successfully navigate a myriad of Municipal, State and Federal regulatory processes to complete an attractive and substantial addition to the City of Lexington. 

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